Computer Systems Consulting

   Here at Dandy Made Productions we have developed a rather non-mainstream perspective of computer systems. Over the years in the assembly and construction of computer equipment there has been a standardization of hardware that has greatly benefited the industry and businesses as a whole. There has also been consolidation of operating systems that has anything, but created secure and independent units. Though the operating systems situation in computer equipment has changed somewhat in the last few years there is still an entrenched mentality that cater to only a particular channel. If your business or organization would like to hear more about alternatives to your current IT infrastructure perhaps we could provide insight to broaden your options. Many of those options could save you considerable in costs over the short and long term.

3D Graphics/Modeling

   Three dimension graphics has become common place in media these days. Companies can benefit in their presentations and marketing campaigns by using this new media. Any object can now be modeled and rendered to resemble reality. If you are an architectural firm consider using a 3D model of your project to present to your customer. If you are doing some print or TV ads a computer generated graphic can greatly enhance and compliment your message. What discriminates 3D graphics from your ordinary PhotoShop image is the ability to create once then render from multiple perspectives.

Software Programming, Installation, and Support

   Over the years several platforms have developed the ability to run scripting languages that can increase the productivity of any organization. Its just a matter of identifying areas of the business that benefit from automation. Not only can automation from scripting or coding increase your productivity, but it can also meet requirements for documenting processes and business procedures. Software has become a commodity that can perform every aspect of the business process from accounting to customer relationships. If you are paying high licensing and support fees for these tools then think again. It need not be that way.

Hardware/Electronics Setup and Installation

   Dandy Made Productions can provide temporary help in the Billings, MT area to setup all kinds of electronic equipment. Be it a new computer installation or a security system. Paying high fees for this service? Then give us a call bet we can beat the competition. Being a small company brings low overhead and flexible scheduling.