About Dandy Made Productions

   Dandy Made Productions is headed up by Dana M. Proctor and is located in the state of Montana of the U.S. We are located in the surrounding hinterland of Billings and have weather that ranges from 90-100 degree Fahrenheit in the summer to below zero in the winter. Yellowstone Park is located to the south and the scenic view of the Absaroka mountain range is commanded from our elevation of 3600ft. Our mornings and evenings sunrises and sunsets are often brought in with crimson splendor; Take a look at the gallery.

   As a engineering technician with companies like Intel and Tektronix Dana has gained valuable experience working with a mirrored of hardware platforms and software packages. His first computer was built from the Timex Sinclair ZX81 kit in 1981. An enlistment with the US Air Force brought training in analog and radio frequency systems that eventually led to an assignment as a technical instructor. Dandy Made Productions came into being during the early years of this century when Dana was hired as an consultant for the local Freightliner Dealership in Billings, MT. The dealership was transitioning from an in-house based application infrastructure to a web based software as a service model. Dandy Made Productions was charted with upgrading systems and training individuals to use the new Internet based services.

   Today Dandy Made Productions is focused on programming applications for database data analysis. Currently several projects are used as a base tool to perform these analysis. The various pages of this website highlight the activities in programming, and graphics that have sparked interest over the years.