Open Source Software


    The Abacus Java Applet/Application is an implementation of an Abacus counting machine. The machine displays a total for the number represented by the machine's current state in addition to each digits value. The program provides a learning tool to teach basic concepts of the base 10 counting system.


    The Ajqvue Java Application is a user interface front-end for viewing, adding, editing, or deleting entries in several mainstream databases. A query frame allows the building of complex SQL statements and a SQL Query Bucket for saving such. The application allows easy sorting, searching, and import/export of table data. A plug-in framework has allowed the inclusion of tools to visually build queries, profile and plot data for analysis.

Copyright Updater

    The Copyright Updater Java Application provides a simple graphical interface to update the copyright information in Java source files of a directory. The essential functionality is a line pattern match replacement editor.


    The Expression Parser Java library provides a generic algebraic math expression parser that can be used to evaluate up to three variables. The variables can either be real or complex. Complex numbers are returned in rectangular coordinate form.


    The FractionCalc java Applet/Application is a calculator that may be used to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on two given input fractions. The calculator not only gives the results of the operation, but also a graphical representation of the results.

LandMines Web Page

    The LandMines Java Applet/Application started out as a class assignment working with buttons. The program sat around for quite a while until I decided to make it into a more realistic imitation of the Mine Sweeper game.

LindyFrame Web Page

    LindyFrame is a Java desktop application that provides a framework that eliminates the development time needed to create software tools. The framework provides the ability to control resources and a plugin architecture that allows the loading of modules locally or remotely over a network infrastructure.

NA_WorkSheet Web Page

    The NA_WorkSheet is a collective aggregation of algorithms coded in Java that implements various Numerical Analysis solutions/techniques in one easy to use open source tool. The application may be used for graphing, root finding, differentiation, integration, interpolation, linear systems solving, and matrix operations.

Proprietary Software

    FQC IMS, Fisher Quarter Circle Inventory Management System, is a generalized inventory system, coded in Java and implemented with the MySQL database. The application/applet provides the ability to manage a inventory, generate invoices and purchases orders, along with assigning work orders to such. A general ledger is incorporated into the software to track the various facets of the transactions.