Download the lindyFrame Application Framework

Installation Notes:

     LindyFrame is a stand alone application. To get started download and unzip the release file to your local hard drive using a program such as WinZip, 7-Zip, Tar or similar compression/decompression program. Extract the lindyFrame files to the desired location on the hard disk.

General Setup Instructions:

     The lindyFrame application is a Java based program and does require the JRE, Java Runtime Environment, to be installed. The minimum runtime environment needs to be JRE-1.8. The app uses a configuration directory to house several files for various parameters. In most cases it will not be necessary for any changes to be made to these files. That directory in Windows © 98 will be 'C:Windows\.lindyFrame'. On Windows © XP, Vista, 7, and 10 the new directory will be in the user's home folder. On a Linux system the new directory will be '/home/user/.lindyFrame'.

Running the Application:

     The lindyFrame application may be run in most cases by just double clicking on the lindyFrame.jar file or one of the batch, .bat, or script, .sh, files. As an alternative the program can also be be run directly from a command/console window by typing in the command "java -jar lindyFrame.jar" while in the installation directory. A Linux/Unix environment may require the file location to be specified by "./lindyFrame.jar", remember that this must be done with a console that is running within a X Window environment like KDE or Gnome.